A week ago I received a compliment, ‘the usual objects; a good deal of people who don’t bother to notice them, you make them look so lovely and wanting us to go there immediately.’

The delicious sunlight, the sight of blue skies, the distant overlapping gigantic scions of Mother Nature, all trapped in the distant corners of urban life where I live. I love to randomly drift where saving the sound of shutter everything is glamorously quiet. I guess nature is a great mentor: the moment you jump on to its lap every thread of your energy is tied to its creativity filtered from its invisible aura. Then we realize how excited we could become in its midst.

The moment I reach its beauty I listen to a twitter, ‘let’s do it, I’m ready, and with me, you can be your best.’

(Kondapalli reserve forest is 4km from Vijayawada city, Andhra Pradesh in India).









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7 Responses

  1. nhacaisomot says:

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  2. keo nha cai says:

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  3. Cathleen says:

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  4. vijayawadavisuals says:

    Thanks for your comment.

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